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Empower every stock market participant to achieve success by means of simple to use, technology driven, time tested, automated Technical Analysis tools, powerful analytic and personalized recommendations.

Intraday Stock Future

Accuracy – Upto 95% (In Terms of Profit)

100% Intraday calls.No overnight position

Monthly 18-20 Intraday calls

Positional stock future

Each call consist of 1 target and 1 Stop loss

Maximum 1 open positions at a time

Proper follow-ups and Market News Updates

Our Performance Summary

16-Feb-18BHARTIARTLSell4274154353400Booked At 421.3019380
15-Feb-18TATASTEELSell706.7670727.52122Booked At 697.1020371
15-Feb-18LUPINSell8288008471200Booked At 8209600
14-Feb-18STARSell7346907442400Booked At 72521600
12-Feb-18AUROPHARMABuy5976205871600Booked At 609.4019840
07-Feb-18BAJAJ-AUTOSell315030503200500Booked At 31376500
31-Jan-18POWERGRIDSell193.4191194.858000Booked At 191.5514800
29-Jan-18NO CALL
28-Jan-18NO CALL
25-Jan-18BATAINDIASell7217127332200TARGET HIT19800
24-Jan-18ASIANPAINTSell1165114011731200Booked At 1150.2517700
23-Jan-18MARUTIBuy937095759295150Booked At 944511250
22-Jan-18IDEASell101.799.510314000Booked At 100.1022400
19-Jan-18JUBLFOODBuy1963200019301000Booked At 198016600
18-Jan-18UPLBuy8048247942400Booked At 81424000
17-Jan-18IDFCBANKBuy60.562.559.518000Booked At 6227000
16-Jan-18RCOMBuy32.33530.756000Booked At 32.9536400
15-Jan-18INDIACEMBuy195.62001927000TARGET HIT30800
15-Jan-18PNCINFRABuy203215195.81476SL HIT-10627
12-Jan-18TATAMTRDVRBuy256264253.35000Booked At 25810000
11-Jan-18NO CALL
10-Jan-18BERGEPAINTBuy2702802664400TARGET HIT44000
09-Jan-18TATAMOTORSBuy4354424303000TARGET HIT21000
08-Jan-18PCJEWELLERBuy497.55154903000Booked At 50728500
05-Jan-18RELINFRABuy5705855612600Booked At 58231200
04-Jan-18HAVELLSBuy556.8570555.54000Booked At 564.2029600
03-Jan-18ADANIENTBuy1671721658000TARGET HIT40000
02-Jan-18NO CALL
01-Jan-18DLFBuy262.4268.4259.410000Booked At 26416000
29-Dec-17M&MBuy753.57707482000EXIT COST TO COST0
28-Dec-17HEXAWAREBuy3383463326000Booked At 34224000
28-Dec-17SIEMENSBuy1242126412272000Booked At 126036000
27-Dec-17VOLTASBuy6646756573000Booked At 67327000
26-Dec-17GRASIMBuy1144116411281500Booked At 115415000
22-Dec-17TATAGLOBALBuy3053103029000Booked At 306.5013500
21-Dec-17LTBuy1258127512481500Booked At 1264.809750
20-Dec-17VOLTASBuy6396506334000Booked At 64420000
19-Dec-17NO CALL0
18-Dec-17NO CALL0
15-Dec-17JSWSTEELBuy251257247.56000Booked At 25312000
14-Dec-17LTSELL1190.51170.512031500Booked At 1182.5012000
13-Dec-17ICICIPRULIBuy378.53873755200Booked At 381.5015600
12-Dec-17KOTAKBANKBuy100410249941600EXIT COST TO COST0
11-Dec-17BAJFINANCEBuy1710174416951000Booked At 172919000
08-Dec-17BALKRISINDBuy232023602300800Target Hit32000
08-Dec-17BANKBARODABuy169.5174.5167.57000EXIT AT 169-3500
07-Dec-17INFYBuy99310159852000Booked At 100320000
06-Dec-17RELIANCEBuy9199109352000Booked At 92920000
05-Dec-17HINDALCOBuy2372422357000Booked At 241.5031500
04-Dec-17BHARTIARTLSELL487.5477.5492.53400Booked At 480.5023800
01-Dec-17ARVINDBuy442.5452.5438.54000Booked At 449.5028000
30-Nov-17BHARTIARTLBuy497510493.53400SL HIT-11900
29-Nov-17HEROMOTOCOBuy368237303650400EXIT AT 3677-2000
28-Nov-17BIOCONBuy4194324133600Booked At 42728800
27-Nov-17TATACHEMBuy7467607393000Booked At 75630000
24-Nov-17DABURBuy341.53463395000Booked At 345.2018500
23-Nov-17L&TFHBuy180.3185178.59000Booked At 182.3018000
22-Nov-17ONGCBuy181.81871797500EXIT AT 181.60-1500
21-Nov-17TATACOMMBuy708.5725702.51400Booked At 71914700
21-Nov-17HINDPETROBuy419.84324116300Booked At 423.5023310
20-Nov-17HAVELLSBuy512.85255074000Booked At 513.804000
17-Nov-17IOCBuy3964053916000Booked At 399.5021000
16-Nov-17RELIANCEBuy8959208852000Booked At 90622000
15-Nov-17BALKRISINDBuy216122002140800Target Hit31200
14-Nov-17UPLBuy7487707352400Booked At 754.4015360
13-Nov-17M&MFINBuy4364484275000Booked At 44025000
10-Nov-17APOLLOTYREBuy235.35242230.56000Booked At 237.7014100
10-Nov-17ZEELBuy5445605372600EXIT AT 543.50-1300
09-Nov-17PIDILITINDBuy7908157822000Booked At 81040000
08-Nov-17NO CALL0
07-Nov-17INFRATELBuy4294404243400Booked At 433.5015300
07-Nov-17HINDZINCBuy326.13323236400EXIT AT COST TO COST0
06-Nov-17TCSBuy263726672617500Target Hit15000
03-Nov-17BAJFINANCEBuy1828187018101000Booked At 185325000
03-Nov-17TITANBuy6666766573000Booked At 67115000
02-Nov-17NMDCBuy130.3134128.512000Booked At 13220400
01-Nov-17EXIDEINDBuy210.6214.6207.68000Booked At 21427200
01-Nov-17RAYMONDBuy936.5956.5926.51600Target Hit32000
31-Oct-17NIITTECHBuy6806956703000Loss Booked At 677.50-7500
30-Oct-17BATAINDIABuy8188308092200Booked At 824.5014300
30-Oct-17APOLLOTYREBuy246.5250243.56000Target Hit21000
27-Oct-17GRASIMBuy1208122511971500Booked At 1203-7500
26-Oct-17TVSMOTORBuy6977026904000Booked At 70220000
25-Oct-17CENTURYTEXBuy1343137013301100Booked At 136524200
25-Oct-17GAILBuy452.5459.5447.54000Target Hit28000
25-Oct-17JETAIRWAYSBuy5215355132400Loss Booked At 518-7200
24-Oct-17TATACHEMBuy7417557333000Booked At 74718000
18-Oct-17RELIANCEBuy8849008702000Booked At 89420000
17-Oct-17VOLTASBuy5385485324000Booked At 54216000
16-Oct-17JUBLFOODBuy1540157015201000Booked At 156626000
13-Oct-17HDFCBuy1772180017601000Booked At 17808000
11-Oct-17TATAGLOBALBuy211.9215.7209.99000Booked At 214.65 Later Target Hit24750
10-Oct-17GRASIMBuy1165119511451500Booked At 118530000
09-Oct-17JINDALSTELBuy1581621559000Booked at 1599000
09-Oct-17KPITBuy1321351308000Booked at 133.2510000
06-Oct-17GAILBuy435.7445.7431.74000Target Hit40000
06-Oct-17TATASTEELBuy6786886744000Booked at 68528000
05-Oct-17AUROPHARMABuy7457607351600Booked at 7473200
05-Oct-17DHFLBuy566.55755603000SL HIT-19500
04-Oct-17PCJEWELLERBuy3623673596000Target Hit30000
03-Oct-17CADILAHCBuy4784884743200Booked Loss At 477-3200
29-Sep-17HAVELLSBuy477.5484.5475.854000Booked At 481.5016000
28-Sep-17BANKINDIASELL139.7136.7141.112000Booked At 137.80 Later Target Hit22800
27-Sep-17TVSMOTORBuy651.5661.5646.54000Booked At 658.50 Later Target Hit28000
26-Sep-17TATACHEMBuy620.6630.6615.63000Booked At 624.70 Later Target Hit12300
25-Sep-17OILBuy331.85336.85328.854532SL Hit-13596
25-Sep-17IGLSELL1415139014251100SL Hit-11000
22-Sep-17CESCSELL1035102310422200Booked At 103011000
22-Sep-17CANBKSELL335.3330336.56168Booked At 333.2012953
21-Sep-17RELCAPITALSELL730.25720.25735.53000Booked At 723.5020250
20-Sep-17DRREDDYBuy2275.523102260400Booked At 230910600
20-Sep-17TATASTEELBuy686.56926834000Booked At 69118000
19-Sep-17GODFRYPHLPBuy1075109510651000Loss Booked At 1064-10950
19-Sep-17IGLBuy1472149214601100Booked At 148716500
18-Sep-17SRFBuy1604163415791000Target Hit30000
15-Sep-17ANDHRABANKBuy54575320000Target Hit60000
14-Sep-17SIEMENSBuy1370141013501000Booked At 139828000
13-Sep-17IOCSELL4354154453000Target Hit60000
12-Sep-17ACCBuy181618401800800Target Hit19200
11-Sep-17JUBLFOODFUTSBuy1402144213901000Target Hit40000
11-Sep-17TECHMBuy433.54424262200Booked At 43912100
11-Sep-17BAJAJFINSVBuy562057155550250Target Hit23750
08-Sep-17IGLBuy1320134713051100Target Hit29700
08-Sep-17IOCBuy4344444283000Booked At 43812000
07-Sep-17CESCSELL1063.651043.651069.92200Booked At 1053.5022330
07-Sep-17NBCCBuy211.75215.75209.756000Booked At 213.5010500
06-Sep-17ADANIENTSELL130.6128.6131.8516000Booked At 129.2521600
05-Sep-17JISLJALEQSBuy99.5101.598.59000Target Hit36000
05-Sep-17SUNTVBuy823.5843.5813.51000Booked At 83829000
04-Sep-17IOCSELL441.5431.5447.51500Booked At 432.527000
01-Sep-17RELCAPITALBuy822.5837.5816.51500Booked At 62045000
31-Aug-17TITANBuy614.5628606.51500Booked At 6208250
30-Aug-17HEROMOTOBuy398340333933200Booked At 40054400
29-Aug-17HINDZINCBuy2882952843200Closed AT 286-6400
28-Aug-17CESCBuy1000.510189951100Booked At 1011.3011880
24-Aug-17JUBLFOODBuy138714071370500TARGET HIT10000
23-Aug-17INDUSINDBANKBuy164316731623600Booked At 166312000
22-Aug-17CENTURYTEXSELL121811881230550TARGET HIT16500
21-Aug-17SUNTVSELL7357057551000Booked At 7269000
21-Aug-17JUBLFOODBuy141014601370500Booked At 143010000
18-Aug-17No Call
17-Aug-17HEXAWAREBuy2682802603000Booked At 274.5019500
16-Aug-17BHARATFORGEBuy118812201170600Booked At.12039000
14-Aug-17IOCBuy416.54304061500Booked At 422.509000
11-Aug-17BHARTI AIRTELSELL419.5405427.51700Booked At 41212750
10-Aug-17PETRONETSELL206.32002113000Booked At 200.0118600
09-Aug-17ADANIPORTSSELL4173974212500Booked At 40042500
08-Aug-17No Call
07-Aug-17IGLBuy119812301178550Booked At 121911550
04-Aug-17No Call
03-Aug-17TATACOMMSell659641668700TARGET HIT12600
02-Aug-17ACCBuy1755.81793.81731.8400Booked At 17768080
01-Aug-17GRASIMBuy1087.11114.11068.1750Booked At 110110425
28-Jul-17JUBLFOODBuy1298.951349.951268.95500Booked At 13168525
27-Jul-17TATAMOTERDVRSell268263271.52100Booked At 263.709030
27-Jul-17CESCBuy906.25926.25892.251100Booked At 9126325
26-Jul-17M & MBuy1395.71419.71379.7500Booked At 14107150
24-Jul-17SOUTHBANKBuy28.8529.5528.233141Booked At 29.35 LATER TGT DONE16570.5
21-Jul-17PCJEWELLERBuy256.05265.55250.553000Booked At 259.6010650
20-Jul-17FEDERALBANKBuy116.95119.25114.9511000BOOKED AT 118.20 LATER TGT DONE13750
19-Jul-17JPASSOCIATESBuy22.5524.2521.5568000Booked At 23.6068000
19-Jul-17MCXBuy1114.11139.11094.1500Exited at 1112-1000
18-Jul-17CANFINBuy3240.233403195.2250Booked At 32605000
18-Jul-17VOLTASBuy485.2496.2477.22000Booked At 487.204000
17-Jul-17CENTURYTEXTBuy1143.651169.451127.65550BOOKED AT 1153 LATER TGT DONE5142
14-Jul-17BANKINDIABuy142.8146.8141.86000Target Hit24000
14-Jul-17ORIENTBANKBuy150.2153.2148.96000Booked At 15210800
13-Jul-17ICICIBANKBuy296.25304.75290.752750Booked At 299.709487
13-Jul-17L&TFINBuy151.25155.75147.754500Booked At 15412375
12-Jul-17INFRATELBuy407.1418401.651700Booked At 41717000
11-Jul-17ICICIPRUBuy4905054841300Booked At 50013000
11-Jul-17TATAGLOBALSell171.2167.45172.84500Booked At 168.1014400
10-Jul-17AMBUJABuy253.5259.65251.552500Booked At 2566250
7-Jul-17TITANBuy529.35538.35526.51500Target Hit15000
6-Jul-17MARUTIBuy740574957385150Target Hit13500
4-Jul-17HEXAWAREBuy2402452383000Booked At 24412000
3-Jul-17JSPLBuy125.5128.45124.14500Target Hit13275
1-Jun-17KSCLBuy5906155841500Booked At 61030000
2-Jun-17AUROPHARMABuy580600570800Booked At 596.5013200
5-Jun-17BIOCONBuy965.8960429.85900Target Hit12000
6-Jun-17RECLTDBuy4354424301500Target Hit10500
8-Jun-17TITANSell4964905011200Target Hit12000
9-Jun-17GODREJINDSell6376276421500Target Hit15000
12-Jun-17VEDLSell248.5242.5250.553500Booked At 244.5014000
13-Jun-17ADANIENTBuy133.7135.6132.458000Booked At 13510400
14-Jun-17CANBKBuy345349.45343.73084Stop Loss13723
16-Jun-17CENTURYTEXTBuy109011151079550Booked At 541.5013750
20-Jun-17VOLTASSell4754784682000Booked At 47012000
21-Jun-17HINDZINCSell254.5250.5256.153200Target Hit12800
22-Jun-17TATA STEELSell522.5515.85525.752000Booked At 516.5012000
23-Jun-17CESCSell8848728891100Target Hit13200
27-Jun-17CANBKSell3303203333084Booked At 32612336
28-Jun-17TATA STEELBuy5135205092000Booked At 51812000
29-Jun-17VEDLBuy2462502433500Booked At 249.3515000
2-May-17BPCLBuy7317417261200Target Hit12000
4-May-17EXIDEINDBuy225.45230223.454000Booked At 22914200
5-May-17VOLTASSell426.7420.7429.852000Target Hit12000
8-May-17DHFLBuy4354424301500Target Hit10500
9-May-17UPLBuy8078178001200Target Hit12000
10-May-17TITANBuy4714794661500Target Hit12000
11-May-17ARVINDSell420.75412.75423.752000Booked At 415.7510000
12-May-17DCBBANKSell195.55191.55197.054500Booked At 193.0511250
15-May-17DHFLSell4304204341500Stop Loss-6000
16-May-17KSCLSell5495395531500Booked At 541.5011250
17-May-17ZEELBuy5195295141300Booked At 5257800
18-May-17TATACHEMSell635.2625.2639.21500Target Hit15000
19-May-17ADANIENTSell123.5121.51258000Target Hit16000
22-May-17UNIONBANKSell1751711774000Booked At 172.3510600
23-May-17TATA STEELSell495485499.552000Booked At 489.2011600
25-May-17VEDLBuy226.8230.8224.83500Booked At 229.8010500
26-May-17RELCAPBuy5905856001500Target Hit15000
29-May-17TITANSell4934974831500Booked At 486.3010050
30-May-17HAVELLSBuy4604704562000Target Hit20000
31-May-17UPLBuy855.5870849.21200Booked At 86713800
3-Apr-17ARVINDBuy404.4409.45401.42000Target Hit10000
5-Apr-17TVSMOTORBuy439.8448.8436.82000Target Hit18000
6-Apr-17SRFSell167116411685500Booked At 165110000
7-Apr-17RELINFRASell5825625881300Booked At 56719500
10-Apr-17BPCLBuy6857006801200Target Hit18000
11-Apr-17RECLTDBuy187189.8186.26000Target Hit16800
12-Apr-17ZEELSell5435315491300Target Hit15600
17-Apr-17RELINFRABuy561.8571.8555.81300Booked At 571.4512545
18-Apr-17TATAMDVRBuy2792852762100Stop Loss-6300
19-Apr-17DHFLBuy397.35405.35393.351500Target Hit12000
20-Apr-17ENGINDIABuy167.5172.85165.83500Target Hit18725
24-Apr-17ADANIENTBuy148.65150.65147.98000Target Hit16000
25-Apr-17AXISBANKBuy5055154981200Target Hit12000
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